Hotels With Hot Tubs

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23rd September 2015

Hotels With Hot Tubs

hotels with hot tubs

Hotels With Hot Tubs – Where are they?

Let’s be honest, everybody likes hotels with hot tubs, they’re peaceful and relaxing and if you’re drunk they’re a wonderful addition to any party or ‘awesome’ late night idea. But they actually aren’t all that common, in this article we’ll show you how you and your mates (or family) can find a hotel for 3 nights and book flights for less than £500 to hotels with hot tubs. Don’t believe that’s possible? No, neither did we until we did some research.

Winter Holidays

You will often find whilst on a skiing holiday that if you’re staying in a chalet, they will have a hot tub. Honestly, it’s a brilliant idea. What better way to wind down after a hard day throwing yourself down big mountains having fun, than to sit in a boiling hot tub outside, where everything outside of your little ring of paradise is freezing cold and developing hypothermia. Though if you’ve been smashing pints all afternoon or evening in the apres ski, please do be careful as hot tubs can dehydrate you quite easily (sorry for the boring health warning, but you don’t want to be ill on holiday).

Step 1. Use our hotel comparison search engine to find yourself low cost holidays

Step 2. Find hotels with hot tubs (this step actually takes longer but don’t worry as we’ve found one for you, though it is inside, does that even count?)

hotels with hot tubs


Step 3. Book yourself some cheap flights to a nearby airport, for Three Valleys in France, if you’re from the UK we’d recommend going to Geneva and then either hiring a cheap rental car, or booking a minibus transfer, all of which are straightforward and easy to do.

hotels with hot tubs - cheap flights


So, there you have it! We’ve managed to find you a long weekend away in the Three Valleys for a cosy little sky holiday, all for less than £500. We recommend everybody shops smarter and saves themselves money by using smart hotel comparison services like ours here at Cheap Travel Finder. We hope that whatever your plans for holidays are, you choose us to help you book your hotels and flights for less money. Thanks for reading our guide to finding hotels with hot tubs, we hope you enjoyed it.

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