4 of the Best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

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27th August 2015
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4 of the Best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

cheap honeymoon destinations

4 of the Best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

Not every pair of newlyweds have the option of a no expense spared trip of a lifetime. For many couples the honeymoon has to play second fiddle to the wedding, leaving them with a pretty small budget. However, cost isn’t everything and there are plenty of fantastic cheap honeymoon destinations that allow couples to start off married life in bliss.

  1. Florida Keys 

If the pricy heights of the Caribbean is slightly out of your range, then the equally beautiful Florida Keys is a fantastic compromise. Great flights can be found with a bit of shopping around and booking in advance, and there are plenty of hotels to choose from too. See the real Florida in style by booking a car and driving along the Keys Scenic Highway which stretches across islands filled with beauty, mystery and intimate seclusion. Throw in the crystal clear sea and the warm soft sand and you can’t go wrong.

  1. Ireland 

As European capital cities go Dublin is pretty spectacular. With a constant exuberant atmosphere, incredible architecture and of course a lot of alcohol, it’s the perfect option for a short city break. Dublin is also considered to be one of the cheapest European cities. You’ll get much more for your money than you would in London or Rome and probably have a better time as well. Dublin is the perfect cheap honeymoon destination for Newlyweds who want to experience some excitement and culture as well as much needed relaxation.

  1. Portugal 

If you want a European beach adventure without the hefty price tag then Portugal is the place to go. The price of a Portuguese honeymoon is considerably less than you would be paying in the neighbouring countries of Greece and Spain, and Portugal has so much to offer! The history in this great nation is astounding, as much of the country has held on to its roots, showcasing ancient castles, simple fishing villages and more olive groves than you can count, all framed by an incredibly picturesque landscape.

  1. Nicaragua 

If you want to start off your marriage with a hefty kick of adventure then Nicaragua is most definitely the destination for you. In particular the area of Selva Negra is very budget friendly offering various types of accommodation such as cosy one bedroom bungalows. You will find yourself surrounded by nature in all its beauty. Take a horseback ride through the town, or go on a hike to one of the many waterfalls and revel in the exotic sounds and scents of the jungle.

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