Cheap Holidays to Italy

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Cheap Package Holidays 2016
24th October 2015
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Cheap Holidays to Italy

Cheap holidays to italy

Tips for Finding Cheap Holidays to Italy

Cheap holidays to Italy – Booking a European getaway is the hallmark of a successful summer. However, this isn’t always possible due to the cost of holidays. Popular destinations such as Italy are often pretty pricy in the summer months and hotels and flights book up fast. This doesn’t mean that you have to wave goodbye to your week in the sun though. There are plenty of things you can do to find cheap holidays in Italy.

Book Early or Book Really Late

If you are sure of where you want to go and when, then it’s a good idea to book it as early as possible. If you can book at least 6 months in advance then you will find that the price is a lot lower. However, planning this far ahead is easier said than done most of the time. If you’re a couple of months away from your holiday dates, then try and wait it out. A month or two is not long enough to get a discount on the price, so you would be better off waiting till a week or two before you want to jet off and booking it last minute. If you’re really spontaneous leave it till a couple of days before, you’ll be amazed at the deals you could get.

Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

According to the industry experts the days Tuesday through Thursday are the cheapest days to fly because they are not popular days for business travel. You will be astounded at how far the price of your flights drops after choosing to travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Go a step further to save yourself cash and choose a flight early in the morning. It might be inconvenient but it will be a hell of a lot cheaper.

Choose Winter Sun over Summer Sun

Winter is always a cheaper time to travel. Why fight over the august holiday with your office colleagues? Wait it out, and jet off in January for some post-Christmas recreation. If you are considering booking a winter break, then try and making a booking at the end of November before the Christmas and New Year travel rush sets in. As well as, the benefit of a jetting off for a winter sunshine break is that you can get away from the dreary grey cold for a while and take in a well needed dose of vitamin D. If you’re after a winter holiday, make sure to find a hotel with hot tubs.

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