Cheap Holidays to Magaluf: Keeping Them Cheap

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Cheap Holidays to Magaluf: Keeping Them Cheap

cheap holidays to magaluf

Cheap Holidays to Magaluf: Keeping Them Cheap

Cheap Holidays to Magaluf – Magaluf has become one of the most popular holiday destinations of this decade. It’s especially popular for young people embarking on their first European adventure without being tied to the parental apron strings. The 24hr party atmosphere has resulted in a representation of binge drinking Brits, but don’t let that put you off. The main strip doesn’t get going till at least 2 am, and actually Magaluf is situated in the incredibly beautiful Spanish island of Majorca, and this beauty is still there even at the height of the party. Cheap holidays to Magaluf are pretty easy to come by, and many travel agents offer package deals to the most popular hotels near the strip. However, getting there is not the only expense you need to think about.

Keeping the Cost Down

So you’ve been looking for cheap holidays to Magaluf and you’ve found a great deal. You get there and immediately the party begins. Before you know it, you’ve spent your weekly budget in one night. How do you keep the cost down?

Do a Food Shop

Even if your package deal is all inclusive, there are going to be times where you need some snacks after a big night out. Instead of paying out your hard earned cash to numerous food vendors on the way back to your hotel, do a small food shop when you arrive. Get all the necessities so at the end of the night you can go straight home and munch to your hearts delight without spending any extra pennies.

Pre – drink

This goes without saying really. Drinks prices in Magaluf are not going to be excessively expensive, but it will soon build up when you’re buying 4 double vodka and cokes in one go. Save yourself the trouble and have a few drinks at your hotel before you go out.

Leave the Card alone

This is the most important point. It’s a good idea to have your debit card with you in case of emergencies but it should only be used in emergencies. Budget you cash for each day and night and only take that amount out with you. If you haven’t got it to spend then you can’t spend it.

Share with Your Friends

There is no need for you all to be buying separate things. Pool your money together so you can all afford what you need. Sharing things like food and drink will make the whole holiday a lot cheaper.

Finally, if you’re trying to find the best deals on hotels and flights, we recommend using our very own search engine here at Cheap Travel Finder.

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